Ø  Sound knowledge in Supply Chain Management (All activities involved in managing the flow from point-of-origin to point-of-consumption)

Ø  Visited many countries for product & raw materials sourcing

Ø  Products & raw materials sourcing under an independent management

Ø  Sound Knowledge in Banking and Commercial Activities 

Ø  4 years experience in Industrial Management (Operational Management)

Ø  More than 16 (Sixteen) years of experience in the field of Sales & Marketing

Ø  13 (Thirteen) years experience as a team leader / departmental head

Ø  Sound knowledge in product launching and experienced in new brand launching

Ø  Sound knowledge in market development and even management & media planning

Ø  Experienced in niche marketing

Ø  Sound Knowledge in local and international trading

Ø  Experienced in Crisis Management

Ø  Very much meticulous & methodical



 To guide and lead an organization to a certain goal that will create employment and contribute to the growth of a nation.